How to know if an earning site is legit?

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There are hundreds of online earning websites that are launched every day. Some of them are legit paying sites but most of them are not. It is very important for you to know how to determine if a site legit or not. When you see an online earning site, you should answer these questions about the site to determine its legitimacy:

1. How does its whole business work?

The best way to know if a site is legit is by knowing how the website itself is earning money. Remember that the website should be profitable for it to operate and pay its users. If a site is earning money simply based on registration fees and referrals, then that is a big sign of a scam.

2. Do you need to pay anything?

If a website is asking payment from members, make sure you are getting a product or service out of that payment. If all you get is just a registered account and you will have to refer other people to join in order for you to earn, then that is a pyramiding scheme and it is highly risky to earn money through that system.

3. Does it require you to have a credit card?

Never give your credit card information to websites that you are not familiar with. An online earning website that requires credit card information is a big sign to stay away from.

4. Are you required to get referrals?"

Earning through referral is fine because it is a common marketing tactic for many companies today. But it should never be a strict requirement. It should just be an optional way to earn

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