Do you really need to save?

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The Philippines has one of the lowest savings rate in Asia. Based on a survey, only 25% of Filipinos said they are saving money. And we don't even know how much.

Everyone who is earning money can save no matter how small. If you only earn P100/day you can set aside P5 for your savings and that is already the start of saving. But "it is too small and won't matter. It feels useless." That is usually what low-income people say about saving little money. When I was a child my parents told me to save money so I can buy the things I want. But when I wanted very expensive things and I could only save little money every month, I was discouraged and thought saving little money is useless. This is a very poor mindset.

The reason we should save is not to “buy the things we want”, but rather, to be ready to grab the little investment opportunities that will come in the future. It is 100% guaranteed that you, me, everyone will get a number of opportunities in our lifetime. The question is will you be ready when it comes? Or will you have to let it pass? Remember that these opportunities are not unlimited. Only a few will be given to each of us so better be ready when it comes.

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