Will money make you happy?

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Before we could answer the question in the title, we should first know why we want money in the first place. For Emergency purposes? To buy food? To buy a house? A dream car? Many people think buying a dream house or a dream car will make them happy. But in reality, what is truly important is the people you are with. No matter how big your house is if no loved one is there living with you, it will never feel like home.

It is important to understand this because some people think all they need is money in order to be happy. If they are not happy they think getting more money will solve it. If money makes people happy, then why do many millionaires get depressed and commit suicide?

There is nothing wrong with working hard and trying to become rich. Just make sure you value your friends and family above everything else. Never sacrifice relationships for the sake of becoming rich for it is not something that makes people happy. It is someone.

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